Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License

We are offering our first classes to Seattle area professionals!

Wanna know more about MS-Excel?  Maybe you’re a little rusty?  Maybe you only know the basics?  Maybe you never have used it professionally?  Wanna learn all the nitty-gritty to become a smarter wedding business?

Excel for the Wedding Professional ~ The One-to-One Custom Series

This is for people who want to meet with me one-to-one.  We can tailor the series to your experience and your business needs.  I am offering four 1-hour sessions of  personal coaching on Microsoft Excel for $199.

Here are some of the details…

  • 4 sessions tailored to your business needs and level of experience
  • Introduction or Brush-up on Excel
  • Integration of Excel with Google Spreadsheets
  • Here are some things we can do (or anything you have in mind):
    • Set up of spreadsheet(s) to track client inquiries and follow-up
    • Set up of spreadsheet(s) to determine the return on your advertising investment
    • Set up of spreadsheet(s) to manage client budgets
    • Creating expense budgets and sales forecasts for your business in Excel
    • Basic accounting and bookkeeping
    • Overview of which “numbers” are good to know

Read more about this, and sign up: click here for more info.


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