Insider to Insider: Wendy Robinson ~ Sacred Moment Weddings

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Wendy Robinson

I met Wendy Robinson, of Sacred Moment Weddings, last year when we exchanged thoughts on stationery and all the fun of paper goodness in the industry.  She is a passionate wedding planner who pours a lot of herself into every wedding.  Wendy also has great business sense and has some sage advice for other wedding professionals.

Wendy Robinson
Sacred Moment Weddings
Phoenix, Arizona
Established 2005

What is your favorite thing about weddings?

Other than loving the lifelong commitment that my couples have made to each other by taking vows, weddings to me are the ultimate celebration of love.  It celebrates not only the overall love of the couple taking their vows but it also celebrates the love of their family and friends…brotherly and sisterly love, a parent’s unconditional love, the love of a lifelong friend, etc.  Seeing that love played out on the wedding day brings tears of joy to my eyes.

What is your best tip for time management?

Schedule, schedule, schedule!  I designate a specific time to tackle all the various operational tasks that go along with my business.  I call it my Operational Check list.  Email and phone calls are generally handled during the morning hours of the day.  Client relations and paperwork are handled later on in the day.  Mid morning to early afternoon is when I work on writing, marketing and vendor sourcing.

What is your little marketing secret?

No secrets here…I do what is right for my business given the current business climate.  I learned the hard way that the marketing and advertising strategy for one planner may not work for me.  One thing I will say…building genuine, solid personal relationships in this business is key.  Learn how to do it or you’re business will suffer.

What is the funnest trend you are seeing in the industry?

Not sure if I’d call it fun but it’s significant…I see wedding celebrations returning back to basics.  The over the top, blinged out, mega weddings we saw 1-2 years ago are still around but the average bride isn’t dissolving her 401k to have it.  I don’t think the current economy is totally to blame either.  I see a return to the traditional, family oriented celebrations we saw in the late 80’s and 90’s.

If you were starting your business all over again, what would you have done differently?

I would have studied marketing and advertising strategies more closely.  I am an administrator…trained to analyze the results of a company’s operations.  I needed to learn how to get the business in the door consistently because without customers, there is no business!

Thanks Wendy!

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